Vidi NMS

Full Control through centralized VIDI NMS

In order to assist our clients in managing their broadcast networks efficiently and reliably, VIDI has developed a high performance IT solution, the

VIDI Network Management System (VIDI NMS).

VIDI NMS Key Facts:

  • Operational monitoring of media networks
    Alarm & Trap Management
  • Quick Provisioning of Future Planning
  • Customer Web Booking Portal
  • Customizable GUI
  • Quick Implementation of New Devices
  • Centralized Server / Client architecture with redundancy option
  • XML scripting engine for device modelling
  • Scalable from small to big environments

VIDI NMS is a highly flexible tool for operating, managing, maintaining and provisioning our clients‘ devices and networks.

VIDI NMS is based on our team’s extensive experience in designing, building and running broadcast networks of all sizes and levels of complexity.

It employs a modular architecture that provides our clients with considerable scalability and flexibility, and a management network system which can be easily tailored to their specific needs.

This includes the adaptation of the software’s signature to a clients‘ corporate design and branding, as well as an easy way of reconfiguring the look & feel of the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) to the specific requirements of its end users.

The modular architecture is the key to controlling the network while multiple graphical clients connect to it. This allows a great number of different users to be active within the same network simultaneously, while preventing collisions and misconfiguration. The core functionality manages all traffic to and from the different devices implemented into the networks while storing all commands in a queue and executing these successively.

The core functionality further prohibits over-provisioning the network and guarantees the availability of high priority services like video and audio at all times.

VIDI NMS flexibly supports easy provisioning of video and audio services through ad hoc connections or long term planning of service calendars with its scheduling module.

Because of the many different views which can be configured according to the specific needs of different user groups, VIDI NMS serves as a multi-purpose tool for different divisions of a company and diverse types of use.

VIDI NMS consists of the following modules

  • Base Module
  • Scheduling & Billing Module
  • Button Switch Panel
  • North Bound Interface
  • H/W Redundancy Package
  • Web Booking Module

VIDI NMS (standard version) Network Status View, including System Map

  • with Device and Link Status
  • Alert handling and filtering
  • Alert severity mapping
  • Ad hoc/quick connection provisioning
  • Connection alert and tracing
  • Actual graphical shelf view
  • Graphical Topology View and coloured alarming
  • Grouping of Locations
  • System & Database configuration
  • Trap View with severity mapping
  • User Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
  • Easy integration of third party devices through XML
  • External Communication Log & View

VIDI NMS Web Booking Web_Booking

  • Customer interface for self-service booking
  • Quick Access to booking the most important upcoming Events
  • Booked Services calendar overview
  • Integration with billing
  • Easy customization of look & feel
  • Full integration with centralized NMS NOC view

Individual & Customised Features

The structure of the NMS allows the implementation of VIDI clients’ own equipment and features as well as customising and branding the NMS readily according to their requirements.

We look forward to customizing your individual NMS with you in close cooperation.