Our mission is to support clients in meeting the toughest challenges in the field of converging broadcast and telecommunication technologies. We combine technical consultancy, project planning and fulfillment, as well as comprehensive additional services, all under one roof. An integrated approach to projects allows us to offer our clients all the support they require from just one provider.

Our Values

Mutual respect and trust, with total communication, characterises relations between VIDI Management and employees, between VIDI employees and each other, and co-operation between VIDI and its clients.

At VIDI we maintain the highest standards in all aspects of our business and throughout our clients' projects. These standards are founded on our employees' superior competence and long experience, as well as the high technical quality & reliability of our services and solutions. Our parallel commitment to the maintenance of these standards and our clients’ success is what drives us at VIDI, and it's what sets us apart as a leading professional service provider.

Our Clients

We make all our resources available to clients and guarantee total commitment. We take the long view of customer relations: For VIDI the foundations of long-term, trusting client relationships lie in our professionalism, years of experience in completing complex projects, total flexibility in meeting individual requirements, and our ability to cope with fresh challenges at all stages of a project.

Our customer relations are based on partnership: working closely together, maintaining a dialogue, being wholly constructive. We aspire to create a co-operative partnership integrating the proposals and creative ideas of our clients with our own innovative solutions tailored to their requirements.

This close collaboration allows us to create jointly with our clients new approaches and solutions that will position them to meet future challenges from technology, workflows and markets.

Our employees

Internally we promote a democratic, trusting environment characterised by direct personal communication and a prompt, transparent decision making process. This fosters team spirit and a continuous building of expertise, both essential to our success.

Our employees identify strongly with what they do and with the goals of our clients. They recognise that theirs is a demanding profession, and they take personal responsibility for ensuring that our clients' projects are accomplished in a professional manner, and deadlines are met.

All our employees are open minded about innovation. They update their knowledge of new technology & techniques constantly, and combine this with existing solutions in driving performance and achieving the best results possible for our clients.