NCAM Realtime Augmented Reality Camera System

The NCAM Realtime Augmented Reality Camera System designed and installed by VIDI for Daimler AG was launched on schedule in July 2017. Viewing appointments are possible.

We already introduced the project in the first VIDI-NEWS of this year. Back then, VIDI GmbH was commissioned by Daimler AG in Stuttgart to install an innovative, real-time augmented reality camera system incl. CGI engine for HDTV output 1080/25p for the Mercedes Benz Global Training center in Stuttgart, the so-called “Glass Campus”.

And we can now report that the entire system was accepted in July by the engineers and project managers of Daimler AG without any issues, and has since been in use within the company.

We are not only very proud of this, but also the fact that Daimler AG has offered us some demonstration dates, should further parties show interest in such a system from VIDI.

We are very happy to be able to offer you such an opportunity, especially in view of this particular show of appreciation and satisfaction from our customer.

If you are interested in a demonstration, please contact Mr. Harald Kreissl, your contact for NCAM at VIDI.

You can read further details on the project and the new training possibilities that it provides for Daimler AG here. (Article from April 2017).