Since opening its doors in 1983, VIDI has served the professional broadcast market with value-added distribution of a vast variety of broadcast technology solutions. Our guiding principle was always to support our client base with innovative and effective solutions and services to help them achieve the highest possible standards of performance and content delivery.

Our business has been focused primarily on selling high quality system products and solutions to national and international clients in the broadcast industry, for more than twenty years. We have recently expanded our portfolio to provide comprehensive system integration services.

In a further organisational enhancement which we believe adds value, we now offer our services grouped into four key business areas:

  • VIDI Events
  • VIDI Systems
  • VIDI 24 hours service
  • VIDI-Plus - software development and the resale of high quality broadcast products.

This approach to business is grounded in our technical and industrial expertise, and our extensive history of producing professional solutions within the complex workflows of the broadcast industry. Our clients benefit from reliable, cost-effective and consistently high-quality services, all provided by a single supplier.