Where broadcast meets telecoms

VIDI has the technology, expertise and breadth of experience to design, build and operate client solutions for entire broadcast transmission networks. We provide our clients with professional services from planning, technical design and installation to the operating of turnkey systems, and connect international event venues and studios to the local host network.

Since we prioritise our clients' success, we ensure the highest possible functionality of their transmission network. We create future-proof, modular solutions that can be revised on the fly.

Our goal is to empower our clients to broadcast a high quality signal reliably and efficiently. As experts who appreciated the convergence of broadcast and telecommunications technologies early on, we bring to joint projects our in depth knowledge of all major Telecommunication Transmission Standards (e.g. IP, MPLS, SDH and WDM) as well as Broadcast Transmission Standards (e.g. DVB, ASI, SMPTE and ITU). In this way we enable our clients to cope successfully with the challenges of a rapidly changing broadcast market.