Third party broadcast products/distributed equipment

Resale of third-party broadcast products

As the entire telecommunications and broadcast industry constantly progresses with technological innovation, VIDI ensures that its clients are provided with reliable, powerful and future-proof products from leading manufacturers.

Our portfolio of high performance third-party products ranges from broadcast servers, end-to-end monitoring solutions and video test equipment, to complete broadcast network infrastructure solutions. VIDI-distributed products not only represent impeccable quality and outstanding reliability; they are proven mission-critical components to keep our clients’ facilities and transmission networks up and running.

We provide our clients for VIDI-distributed equipment with a wide variety of services, including

  • Technical consultancy
  • Product demonstration
  • Implementation and installation
  • Configuration
  • Product testing
  • Technical support

In order to ensure our clients achieve the best results possible, we source equipment only from the very best manufacturers who continuously improve and expand their portfolio of products.

These include

Video Delivery Systems

Playout Server Solution

Fiber transport equipment

Modular multi-image display monitoring solutions

db Broadcast

video and audio broadcast servers

Media Workflow Suite

complete broadcast network infrastructure solutions