With a team of experienced broadcast and telecommunication experts we are well placed to help our clients design, deploy, implement and support the technical infrastructure and workflow processes for major sporting events. We have the team, the facilities and the expertise in place to support our clients in broadcasting a complete event.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Technical consultancy
  • Concept development
  • Planning and designing a complete infrastructure and workflow
  • Implementation and installation of equipment
  • Configuration of individual solutions and total systems
  • On-site training and staff support
  • Operating the installed equipment
  • Product and system testing
  • Complete infrastructure systems integration
  • Co-ordination and logistics
  • Clearly structured documentation
  • Support prior to and during an event

Our services deploy technologies, products and solutions that have been field-proven time and time again and include:

  • Transmission technology
  • Adaptation technology for video, audio and data
  • Redundant technologies, enabling lossless hitless failover protection switching
    combined with forward error correction feature
  • Monitoring and measurement technology
  • Management systems
  • Peripheral devices