Remote Production

A possible alternative for the TV-broadcast of smaller events can be demonstrated with the help of VIDI's Remote Production Services. By the transport of multiple camera signals, along with all necessary remote controls, talkback, etc., via a long-distance telecommunication network from the location of events to a central studio, new possibilities arise that reduce the cost of dedicated production facilities at the venue to a minimum.
Big sporting events are generally connected to a huge complexity (logistics, staff and techniques). Moreover they are expensive, need an exact strategy and scheduling. In the medium term Remote Production techniques could significantly change the method of current production procedures. Using the Media Links MD8000 system VIDI has the solution how Remote Production can be realised.

VIDI offers Remote Production services in a turnkey way which could comprise:

  • Planning for necessary bandwidth for all Video, Audio, Commentary and Control signals
  • Set up at the venue site of adaption technology and cabling from the cameras to these units
  • Provision of reception hardware at central site with all cabling
  • Manpower support during the event
  • Booking and managing of WAN links with the Telecommunication companies
  • Network design so that camera signals from the venues can be duplicated for delivery to different sites