Deployed worldwide for continuous use – the VIDI Net Management System (VIDI NMS)

The VIDI NMS controls the VIDI NOC like a nervous system. All necessary information flows in and collected at this point continuously to combine and provide a full overview of the current network conditions.

The system is now in use around the world and is used in many countries to manage video networks. It has proved how powerful it is in countries such as Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, the USA, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

The NMS identifies sources of errors and shows them immediately in graphical and text form. It not only works carefully and reliably, but also monitors and supports the operation of our clients' connected media networks.

Red Alert? Not a Chance!

In the 25 years that VIDI has been operating, there has never been a serious loss of signal. We intend to keep it that way. Even if there is no such thing as absolute security, the NMS Early Warning System enables potential fault sources to be detected early, thus enabling serious failures to be effectively prevented.

Components on the threshold of the tolerance values are identified early, signals are given before critical values are reached, and these components can then be replaced in time. This holds true not only for hardware but also for connections or applications operating outside of the parameter limits. We document all processes for our clients in a detailed report for review purposes.

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