NMS - project case

Customizing VIDI NMS – individuality, extendibility and scalability are what make a good network management system stand out. A current example.

Many networks are continually developing. New technologies, network extensions and increasing requirements regarding network security and network management are topics that the people responsible for operation constantly have to deal with.

So it’s good when the network management system in use is capable of handling all of these requirements in a flexible manner. An example from one of our international customers shows just how well the VIDI NMS can be adjusted and extended successively.

Our customer had been using the VIDI NMS for its nationwide broadcast network for some time in the form of an extended basic configuration. The network was used for exchanging programs between the public broadcasting authorities and the event locations.

Our customer then approached us again with the following individual requests:

  • The ability to use a web booking Portal
  • Expansion of the system to include full redundancy
  • An XY switch panel with special routing functions

The implementation of all of these special requirements once again highlighted the strengths of the VIDI NMS.

The concept for the expansion is ready, the customer has given the “all clear”, and the extension of the system will be completed over the coming months. On-site training will then conclude the project.

Excerpt from the requirements catalog of the NMS extension project:

Customer Web Booking Portal

Enables customers to book own media/data Services

  • Simplified customer view
  • Integration to customer billing system for automatic creation of invoices
  • Self management of customer own services
  • Overview of all planed and running circuits
  • Booking calendar

Redundancy Module

A solution for redundant server and database including an automatic failover procedure.

XY Switch Panel

Switch Panel in cross matrix style with the following key features:

  • Switch source to destination through a complex network topology in “cross matrix switching style”
  • Auto route finding in the background (shortest path)
  • Switch source to multiple destinations
  • Size of panel and number of buttons user definable
  • Multiple panels definable (panel per service circuit type)

VLAN Module

VLAN handling for network setup to enable routing and provisioning after customers requirements:

  • Automatic VLAN handling for Mainfeeds and Returnfeeds
  • VLANs based on values assigned to services in the venue.

Your contact is Mr. Patrick Geldmacher.