NCAM @Daimler

NCAM Realtime Augmented Reality Camera System for Daimler AG for use within Mercedes-Benz Global Training.

VIDI GmbH was commissioned by Daimler AG in Stuttgart to install an innovative, real-time augmented reality camera system incl. CGI engine for HDTV output 1080/25p for the Mercedes-Benz Global Training center in Stuttgart, the so-called “Glass Campus”. Daimler AG is thus an innovation trailblazer when it comes to the production of 360-degrees audio-visual content with a “Virtual Reality Platform”.

AKUBIS is the innovative distance learning platform for the global service and auto shop employees of Daimler AG. The audio-visual training program from AKUBIS conveys work processes in a striking and educational manner. Group-internal experts provide information on updates and changes within the product and technology areas. New techniques and technologies supplement the existing tele-learning formats, which in turn support the integrated learning of employees all over the world via augmented reality.

The AKUBIS content is produced in a cutting-edge studio with the latest technologies. In the not-too-distant future, the NCAM technology will enable people to work even more flexibly, and it should provide even more effective training success, because it will be possible to realize 3D applications and virtual elements even more simply.

Using augmented and virtual reality, for example, entire vehicles as well as individual component groups can be presented and experienced in 360-degrees applications, enriched virtually and supplemented with lots of additional information. This, in turn, means technical details and processes can be communicated more effectively.
The NCAM reality hardware that VIDI is to install consists of a camera with tracking bars and NCAM servers as well as the associated NCAM server systems and a graphics station. The NCAM Camera Tracking System, which was awarded the Engineering Emmy in 2016, is a patented hardware solution that includes multiple sensors, which send data permanently to the NCAM server.

The system uses all of the information sent in real-time via the NCAM camera bar to calculate the precise position and rotation of the video camera.

In addition to the actual server package, the project also included all of the cabling between the NCAM camera and the server.

Unity Pro is used as the real-time 3D engine. The required connector for the NCAM system is also included in the scope of delivery. The plug-in can process rotation and lens distortion as well as the z-Depth information of the NCAM system.

Your contact for NCAM at VIDI is Mr. Harald Kreissl -