Bundesliga Sportschau 2017/2018

In action for the Sportschau from the 2017/2018 season. VIDI will be transporting the signals from the football matches in the German first division stadiums.

“A day without football is a day lost”. Ernst Happel expressed the importance of football with these few words. And because the passion of many football fans in Germany is associated with watching this sport via ARD’s Sportschau program, we are particularly proud of the fact that we at VIDI will be responsible from the coming season for transporting the images and sound from the 18 first division football stadiums in Germany for the Sportschau. The network is currently being built and will be ready on time.

All Saturday afternoon matches and all matches from the English weeks will then be transmitted via a fully redundant optical fiber network designed by VIDI, which will be managed via its own Network Operation Center (NOC). In order to increase operating security, all 18 stadiums/multi-function arenas will be connected within Germany to the production location of WDR in Cologne, with disjunctive nodes and links on the network side. Direct input, such as interviews or comments after the game, will also be handled via these connections.

For this purpose, competent service personnel from VIDI will be deployed in the NOC and the individual stadiums during the matches and the following Sportschau programs. VIDI’s Network Management System (VIDI-NMS), which was developed by VIDI and is now well-established all over the world, will be used to monitor the signal paths as well as all of the technical components along the paths.

“The assignment for Sportschau is another milestone for us in relation to the design and operation of sport video networks. It is also a very demanding and complex task that we have taken on here. After all, with these integrative services for the high quality transmission of sports events, we are active in a very high profile environment”, says Jürgen Jahn, Managing Director of VIDI GmbH.

The VIDI technicians, under the supervision of Jürgen Schwingen and Rainer Bernius, will be there to ensure viewers can get excited in front of their TV screens as soon as the Sportshau starts in the new season. They designed the network and are currently installing the required adaption technology in the individual stadiums and/or expanding existing equipment and systems.

And because football is the most important “unimportant matter” in the world, the new network will be ready for operation at the end of July, to ensure there is enough time for extensive testing before the first Sportschau of the 2017/2018 season goes on air via the VIDI network.

Your contacts are Jürgen Schwingen and Rainer Bernius.